SED Limited, Single-Use Video License Agreement


SED Limited, Single-Use Video License Agreement


I am often asked about licensing Smarter Every Day videos for use in non-commercial presentations, training seminars, classrooms and the like. This is a single-use, limited license agreement. A multiple-use license is available here.

Here are the terms:


By checking the “Acceptance” Box on the next page, you are accepting this License Agreement and you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the terms below. 

1 Smarter Every Day (“SED”) Videos are copyrighted by Smarter Every Day, LLC and may not be reproduced, disseminated, adapted, changed, or modified in any way. 

2  You have no ownership rights in the Videos; you have a license to the limited use of the Videos on the terms and for the period specified herein: 

3  Neither SED nor any of its directors, officers, employees, or representatives shall be held liable for any harm to you or any third party resulting directly or indirectly from your use of the Videos. You shall hold harmless and indemnify SED and its agents from and against any liability for any such claim; 

4  SED grants to you a non-exclusive, limited license to use the Videos and portions thereof, provided that: 

a.  You shall stream the video directly from the SED YouTube channel;

b.  You shall not repost, sell, license, adapt, change, or modify the Videos or any portion of the Videos;

c.  You shall not charge for the use of the Videos; 

d.  You shall not redistribute, share, repackage or include in any online or offline archive, video collection, website, DVD, or other media (for example, uploading event presentation footage to the internet);

e.  You shall not attempt to transfer or sublicense the Videos;

f.  You shall not attempt to register a copyright or trademark for any part of the video. 

5  No portion of this limited license shall be interpreted to convey any copyrights to you or to limit SED’s rights in the Videos. SED may terminate this limited license at any time at its discretion, at which time you must immediately discontinue use of the Videos;

6  This license is valid for sixty days once the fee has been paid and a signed and dated copy of this agreement is received at This license covers one presentation of the Videos (including, but not limited to, training seminars, company meetings, etc) within this sixty-day period.

Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law subject to criminal and civil penalties.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download a copy of this license agreement to sign, date and return. 

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