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Why? Supporting Smarter Every Day on Patreon will allow me to do cool stuff like getting help with animations for new videos or even assistance with editing! This would be a huge help to make more frequent videos and free up some of my time to do important things like trying be a good Dad!

How? Several cool reward levels allow you to tailor your subscription.  I would like to convince you to choose one, even at $1, so you have access to the Smarter Every Day feed here at Patreon.  Sometimes YouTube's subscription methods are unreliable, and if you sign up via Patreon you'll be notified directly when I upload a video, which is pretty awesome!

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I believe it goes without saying that I would greatly appreciate your financial support. I'll say it anyways though. Thank you. I greatly appreciate it. The Patreon model has us place rewards here to entice you to donate, but if we're both honest... you're here because you understand what I'm trying to do with Smarter Every Day, and you think the 100+ hours I put into most videos is worth it! You "get it". You're a fellow thinker and doer. 

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