My buddy George asked me to come out to Dallas to meet with the guys from the Adaptive Training Foundation. ATF is an amazing gym, started by former NFL player David Vobora, for veterans who have lost limbs, spinal cord injuries, etc. David started ATF after meeting Travis Mills (a quadruple amputee from the wars in Afganistan) and realizing that there wasn't a great place for these veterans to go once they were out of rehab to get a good workout, train and compete. 

Travis is a young husband and father who was wounded by an IED while serving as a soldier. This book chronicles the intense mental process that he went through while trying to put his life back together after this loss. It's written from a very honest vantage point, and will absolutely help you out if you're going through a tough time. I often listen to books as I run, and found myself tacking on an extra mile or two each time I listened to this book.

I simultaneously enjoyed and disliked that Travis provided the reading voice for the book. For example, when he's talking about his wife and daughter, you can tell that he's energetic and really means what he's saying. When he gets into the more literature-like prose, it seems like he's just reading to get through to the parts that he enjoys. In the end, you mind-meld with a man who is tender hearted, but as tough as they come. 


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