Ready Player One

Every once in a while you come across a book that’s so fun you think to yourself, “Self… I really love listening to audio books, and this is awesome ... I should go buy a Voltron shirt”? You then proceed to actually purchase a Voltron shirt then share that audio book with all your friends. Well, this is that book. 

I found myself totally immersed in the OASIS, to the point where I would make up excuses to sneak away and listen.  Wil Wheaton does a great job with the spoken performance. I recommended this book to two of my good bro friends, my wife and my sister. Every single one of them would call me at various points in the book freaking out when some major plot development happened. I ran SO MANY MILES while listening to this book. 

There's so much I want to say about this book... but trust me, it's WAY better if you encounter everything cold. No spoilers. Please tweet me updates while you're listening to it so I can remember the adventure with you.

If you've read this novel and want to hear the review that I (and my friend Matt) gave, take a listen here.


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