Letters to a Young Scientist

EO Wilson is a native of my home state, and also attended the University of Alabama (my Alma Mater). For years people have been telling me how smart he is, so when this book came out -- I took a look. It's brilliant. Simply brilliant.

There are two ways you can learn something:

1. From your own experience (mistakes and successes).
2. From someone else's experience (let them make the mistakes for you).

Wilson does and EXCELLENT job of providing a good road map for a successful career as a scientist. A life of scientific inquiry is more than the excitement you'll see in a "Science YouTube video". It takes a lot of dedication and determination, and oftentimes you fail. This book was quite sobering for me and he did a fantastic job of helping me learn from his experience as a scientist. Enjoying this book is an opportunity to digest and lifetime worth of wisdom in a few short listens. Do it.


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